Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dirty, little hands!

Are these seriously my baby G's fingernails?  I mean, gross!  I definitely do not let my kids dig in the gross dirt in our back woods...well, maybe every now and then  single day I do let them lose in the back woods to explore :)  They're kids, right!?

And just in case you couldn't get the full affect from the first pic, here's a closer look for your viewing pleasure.  But just to ease your mind, I did clean them soak, scrub, cut, and scrub them some more before Easter Sunday.  

Dirt or no dirt, I just love my kids hands.  I pray that these little hands will stay pure and holy .  I pray that these little hands would be used to serve others.  I pray that these little hands will grow to be bigger hands that are not lazy, but hard-working, bringing forth fruit through their labor.  And I pray that these little hands would be held up high in worship praising their Lord!    Thank you, Jesus, for these little hands!


Layton Family Joy said...

oh I love that - hands held high in worship! I saw my son close his eyes and lift his hand in the rear view mirror - I choked back tears!

Manda said...

Oh, that my own hands would be soaked and scrubbed free of dirt... not by water, but by the blood.
That my own hands would not grow idle, but continue in the work of God.
Jesus give me your hands!

Thank you for sharing that! What a blessing to me.

Julie said...

That is my prayer for the 8 dirty hands in my house too!!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

Justgottalaugh said...

Only bloggers take pictures of their kids' fingernails! Our children will definitely need therapy:)
Thanks for the blessing!