Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sisters and cousins

My sister and her family have spent the last week with us and the time went by way to fast.  We laughed until we cried, we ate way too much, we stayed up late critiquing watching Dancing with the Stars, we shared our heart with each other, we watched cousins being best friends, we ordered cheese fries at Outback, shared makeup, talked about style (or in my case, lack of), hair coloring, and decorating.  We compared everything from gray hair to cell phones.   We talked about Jesus and heaven, and sinners and saints.  We dreamed about living in the same town and the fun that we would have.  As I grow older, I appreciate my "peanut-butter-sister-time" more with each visit.  I enjoy watching my 4 lovely's playing with their cousins and seeing their friendships grow, too.   Thank you, Jesus, for sisters...and for cousins.   I am blessed- 


Julie said...

Amen!! Sister are among God's greatest gifts!

Layton Family Joy said...

that is amazing, I am not close with my sister no matter how hard I try to create that bond. I'm so glad you get to enjoy yours!!


Manda said...

How wonderful... I wish I was close like that with my sister. I'm not.
But God is good to me, and I have a handful of girlfriends who are like sisters to me.
Your time together sounds like my life with "sisters".
Love it!

Lori and Daniel said...

Is that Gracyn Merritt behind you in the picture? I am so glad that you and Shelli had such a great time together. I know that God will one day have you two in the same town! xo

Shelli said...

I love my peanut butter sister time too! You forgot to mention slurpies and cheesecake! And sittin on the floor bustin out the van...and Little Women, and popcorn, and "I'm gonna dance your pants off!"....and we NEVER got to go to Marshalls!

Love you sista!


twest70 said...

So Precious! I wish my sisters had kids! You are blessed!