Monday, March 1, 2010

Giving thanks!

holy experience

Ever since I stumbled upon  Ann Voskamp's at, I fell in love with not only her anointed  words, but her attitude of thanksgiving in all things.  She truly  has  a "heart spilling over with gratitude".  Just as thanksgiving has changed Ann's life, I suspect it will change my life as well.   Psalm 30:12 say "O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever".  Won't you join me every Monday on my journey to 1000 thanksgivings and "taste and see that the Lord is good".

1.  Salvation to a sinner such as me!
2.  My God-fearing husband.
3.  Sweet first child with a sensitive heart and quiet spirit.
4.  Energetic second child with a boldness for Christ!
5.  Low key third child with a heart of gold and a need for hugs!
6.  Crazy, fun, and funny fourth child who loves Jeremiah 29:11.  
7.  Scripture!
8.  The sound of my washing machine breaking the silence of all 4 children napping.
9.  Worship!
10.  Flip flops in the winter.
11.  Picket fences.
12.  Sunny, blue skies!
13.  My 3 year old learning to swing on her own today.  Ahh...the joy, the freedom!
14.  Early morning prayers with my husband before the sun comes up.
15.  Fresh, clean sheets on the beds.
16.  The smell of lilac.
17.  Forgiveness!
18.  The freedom to homeschool.
19.  Old friends from college!
20.  Memories of family vacations as a child.
21.  Siblings who are also your best friends.
22.  Flats fishing with my husband.
23.  The smell of the salt water. 
24.  A warm breeze on my face.
25.  The brilliant colors that God created.

...In ALL things, big and small, I will give you thanks and praise!  


Nancy said...

Love your list! Your blog is just lovely - such a treat for the eyes. Praising God with you today!

Two Shades of Pink said...

This list is beyond wonderful. Made me sooo happy and made me thankful for things I take for granted. Love it!

Rebecca said...

I love this list!! Don't get overwhelmed with blogging - remind yourself that this is YOUR blog!! You are the author and from it will flow all of God's goodness in your life :)

Shelli said...

wow! I love your blog...didn't even know you were doing it. It is so will have to help me..

twest70 said...

Shannon, I love your blog look! Never knew you had a blog! So, cool!